1953 Fender Esquire blackguard untouched original beauty


Product Description

1953 Fender Esquire,  this is a factory original untouched esquire in excellent condition,  there are no solder joints touched,  original capacitors inside control cavity, it has the red pencil in neck pocket dated december 53,  but on neck we have January 54, so call it what you will late 53 early 54,  you can see the nail holes in body where body was supported while painting,  still has the masking tape inside the control cavity  with Marys hand written date ,  there is very little wear overall its a killer clean esquire,  nothing zero has been modified its as it left the factory 62 years ago and is in amazing condition,  still has the original ashtray bridge cover with the factory solder drop inside, case is original and is excellent condition, this is another uncirculated vintage guitar from a private collection, living most of its life under the bed away from harm,  nothing sounds better than a classic original esquire thru an old vintage fender amp these guitars are very rare to find in this untouched original condition


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